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Computer Forensics

Computer forensic services include acquisition, analysis and reporting of PC, Mac and Linux computer memory, normally in the form of an internal hard drive as part of a computer system. Computer forensics also involves these services for peripheral devices such as external hard drives, memory cards, thumb drives, digital cameras and any other device that may connect to a computer system and store data and/or run software applications.

Pro Digital employs highly trained and trial-tested computer forensic examiners to competently & effectively conduct the analysis, report the findings and testify as an expert witness as needed.  From email to web history and document metadata to deleted evidence, we help gather the evidence in a defensible manner, analyze and report the answers you’re seeking in your case.

To see if you and your attorney or your corporation may benefit from these services, please contact us here for an assessment of your needs. Initial phone assessments are always free.

Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile device forensics has seen a marked increase in recent years due to the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices in the consumer market and their constant connectivity to cellular and or wi-fi data networks.

Mobile device forensics uses state-of-the art forensic data acquisition tools to acquire, analyze and report data stored on mobile devices such as cell phones, smart phones and tablets.  Text messages, pictures, geo-location data, video, internet history and internal application (app) data are all possible sources of evidence.

Call detail and cellular subscriber records are those obtained from the wireless service provider (i.e., AT&T, Verizon, etc.) and contain subscriber & device-specific data that is analyzed to provide a more holistic view of the mobile device usage.

We offer a full array of mobile forensic services for Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and GPS devices and personnel certified in the analysis of call detail records and as expert witness in mobile device forensics.   Please contact us here for an assessment of how this evidence may add value to your case

Cellular Provider Call Detail Record Analysis & Other Specialized Investigative Services

Pro Digital Forensic Consulting offers not only Digital Forensic analysis & reporting, but with 15 years of law enforcement experience, highlighted by high-profile, precedent-setting work in Criminal Investigations, we offer a specialized set of Private Investigative services to better serve our clients and attorneys, always keeping discretion at the forefront of our approach.

Pro Digital is one of a select few private sector firms to offer Cellular Call Detail Record Analysis & Mapping in support of civil and criminal litigation.  We consult on the proper terminology & methods to obtain cellular provider records for subscriber(s), analyze and map the records once obtained and can enhance this analysis through behavioral pattern and link analysis.

Specialized Investigative Services include online/Social Media Investigations, Background Investigations, Missing Persons, Opposition Research, Internal Theft / Fraud Investigations and Interview & Interrogation. To help maximize the positive interaction with our clients, we offer one-on-one, dedicated case handling and strive to keep our clients well-informed as to the progress of their investigations.

As a Certified & Insured Private Investigative Agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia (DCJS #11-14869), Pro Digital incorporates ten years of high-tech investigative experience that may exceed the knowledge and/or experience of other investigators in the private or public sectors.  Please contact us here to inquire more about these services.

Forensic Data Preservation

In the Digital Forensic Methodology, examiners are trained to NOT alter the data from it’s original form it was found when captured or seized.  To do this, we create an exact “copy” or forensic disk image of the data from which to work & conduct our analysis, thus preserving the evidence item in it’s original form. Images are then verified for accuracy and validation in formal legal proceedings.  While the methods may vary slightly for mobile devices, this procedure may also be used to preserve data stored on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Whether you have a security incident at your company or a human resources matter with a current or former employee that you feel may be an issue requiring subsequent investigation, Pro Digital Forensic Consulting has the necessary tools to capture the data in its purest form, create the forensic image, and preserve the data for potential analysis.  Please contact us here to discuss how our specialized tools can help you get the data you need.

Please contact us here for further details on how our vast experience solving difficult puzzles can help answer your toughest questions.

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Pro Digital Consulting also offers FREE consultation to requesting law enforcement agencies and prosecutor’s offices.  Please see our announcement here and contact us for any digital forensic questions you may have.

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