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Pro Digital: Investigative Solutions

Regular readers of this blog know that my professional experience and expertise started in the investigative realm.  Ever since I first got interested in law enforcement, I wanted to be an investigator and I’ve been fortunate enough to not only see that goal to fruition, but to do so in a way that allowed me to be recognized by other investigators and prosecutors repeatedly for high output and excellence in work product.

Regular readers also know that I tend to emphasize the importance of investigative training, experience and ability when conducting digital forensic examinations.  No matter the case, people are behind the devices we examine and analyze, so knowing people’s patterns and how they behave can often times be the ‘X-factor’ in digital forensics.  Sure, you can get certified in this or that, but if you don’t have any experience investigatinghow people behave in certain circumstances, the technical expertise can only get you so far.

Because I’m an investigator at heart (who happens to be a trained digital forensic examiner), we have chosen to add to the suite of offerings by Pro Digital Forensic Consulting a series of “Specialized Investigative Services.”  These specialized services are designed to go beyond your normal private investigative work and highlight the vast investigative training and experience that we have been able to participate in throughout a career in law enforcement spanning 15 years.  These specialized investigative services will include:

  • Employee and/or personal background checks
  • Employee fraud, misconduct, theft, waste and abuse
  • Missing persons
  • Online & social media investigations
  • Interview & Interrogation
  • Police procedure assessments
  • Criminal Defense Investigations
  • Wrongful Conviction Investigations
  • Investigations as directed by litigators involved in civil or criminal litigation (litigation support)

By utilizing our training, experience, technical tools and investigative know-how, we hope to raise the bar of private sector investigations to be a go-to resource for litigators, companies and other parties that may have need for these services.  And while some of these services may involve surveillance or people-tracking from time to time, it is our goal to get you the information you need in a timely manner without running up a large bill for surveillance time.  We will not get involved in insurance fraud or marital infidelity cases, there are already many other private investigative resources for that.  However, we will incorporate our investigative training and suite of digital forensic services where appropriate to help better serve clients and get even more thorough answers to your questions.  Rest assured, digital forensics is our ‘bread & butter’ and will always be our primary line of business to serve clients.

We welcome any inquiries about these services and our ability to deliver them to meet the needs of your case(s).  This new line of business has given rise to a new slogan at Pro Digital Forensic Consulting…

We Find the Truth for a Living!

Patrick J. Siewert, SCERS, BCERT, LCE
Principal Consultant
Professional Digital Forensic Consulting, LLC
(Virginia DCJS #11-14869)
Based in Richmond, Virginia

Available Globally
About the Author:
Patrick Siewert is the Principal Consultant of Pro Digital Forensic Consulting, based in Richmond, Virginia.  In 15 years of law enforcement, he investigated hundreds of high-tech crimes, incorporating digital forensics into the investigations, and was responsible for investigating some of the highest jury and plea bargain child exploitation cases in Virginia court history.  A graduate of both SCERS, BCERT, the Reid School of Interview & Interrogation and various online investigation schools (among others), Siewert continues to hone his digital forensic expertise in the private sector while growing his consulting & investigation business marketed toward litigators, professional investigators and corporations.

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