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Link to Forensicator Podcast #103: Magnet Axiom

Pro Digital Forensic Consulting Principal Consultant, Patrick Siewert talks with Jamie McQuaid, Digital Forensic Consultant at Magnet Forensics about their new tool, Axiom.  They discuss what went into the design of Axiom, what the tool offers, what you can do to help the tool grow and more!

The podcast is linked here on Sound Cloud:

And may also be downloaded on iTunes.

Please check out the podcast and Magnet Axiom and let us know what you think!

Patrick J. Siewert
Principal Consultant
Professional Digital Forensic Consulting, LLC
Virginia DCJS #11-14869
Based in Richmond, Virginia

Available Globally

We Find the Truth for a Living!

About the Author:
Patrick Siewert is the Principal Consultant of Pro Digital Forensic Consulting, based in Richmond, Virginia.  In 15 years of law enforcement, he investigated hundreds of high-tech crimes, incorporating digital forensics into the investigations, and was responsible for investigating some of the highest jury and plea bargain child exploitation cases in Virginia court history.  A graduate of SCERS, BCERT, the Reid School of Interview & Interrogation and various online investigation schools (among others), Siewert continues to hone his digital forensic expertise in the private sector while growing his consulting & investigation business marketed toward litigators, professional investigators and corporations.

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