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Link to Cyberdust Podcast

Patrick Siewert, owner of Pro Digital Forensic Consulting, was recently interviewed by “Stan the Man” on his Cyberdust Podcast about our digital forensic testing of the private messaging app, Cyber Dust.

Bank-rolled by Mark Cuban of “Shark Tank” fame, Cyber Dust purports to be the most private of all messaging apps.  As you’ll see and hear, Cuban claimed that the app messages “never touch a hard drive” and we put those claims through some paces using Cellebrite UFED for PC and Lantern by Katana Forensics.

Check out the original article post here:

And the subsequent podcast interview with “Stan the Man” here (approx 7 mins long):

(If the link is dead, the podcast may have cycled out of rotation)


Patrick J. Siewert
Owner & Lead Forensic Examiner
Pro Digital Forensic Consulting
Based in Richmond, Virginia, USA

Available Globally

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