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In the digital era, it seems as though every child has at lease one portable electronic device.  Children most often use these devices for communication, gaming, social media and for any number of other legitimate purposes.  However, the ready access to the digital world sometimes causes good kids to make bad decisions.

As a parent-owned company owned by former law enforcement that has always focused on internet safety, Pro Digital Forensics is proud to offer our suite of services to concerned parents of minor children at deeply discounted rates.  These services may include:

  • Examination of cell/smart phone to retrieve messages, call history, internet history, pictures, videos etc.
  • Examination of other portable electronic devices, such as tablets, to detail online activity and usage
  • Examination of computer hard drives and computer systems where suspicious or inappropriate behavior is suspected
  • Expert advice and educational programs for parents, PTA groups, Church groups and/or Civic Associations to help educate parents, children and the general public about internet safety and responsible usage

Please Contact us here for additional information and to discuss your individual needs… or call 804-588-9877 and/or email us at

If you suspect any type of inappropriate activity that may be illegal or lead to the potential victimization of your child, we urge you to contact your local police department and file a report

... Together we can work to help keep our kids safe online and educate about responsible use of the internet & electronic devices!

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