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Probable Cause: As Good as it Gets

Recently, I had the honor of teaching a 3-day in-service course at the police academy for a group of new investigators.  While some of the participants had a degree of investigative experience, they still found some value in the course, especially…

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Tenacity & Objectivity: The Double-Edged Sword of Digital Forensics

In our article with tips on how to select a competent digital forensic examiner, we touched on two important attributes of competent examiners that I’d like to expand upon – Tenacity & objectivity.  The two traits are extremely important and can…

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Digital Forensics for Private & Corporate Investigators

We’ve recently received a few inquiries from our partners in private investigations asking about the services we offer, our capabilities insofar as mobile forensic data extraction and other related services.  It dawned on me that the potential for private investigators to…

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