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The Four Factors of Mobile Forensics

    September 15, 2015   The Four Factors of Mobile Forensics As with most private-sector digital forensic practitioners in the modern market, a great majority of our cases involve mobile device forensics.  These cases range from employment disputes to divorce. ...

The INconvenience of INfosec

    May 21, 2015   The INconvenience of INfosec in the Digital Age I often get requests from civic groups, consumer groups and the media to speak about information security (infosec) practices, trends, etc.  Although infosec is not our primary role at Pro Digital, it...

Link to Forensicator Podcast #101: Katana Forensics

May 6, 2015 Please follow the link below to the new Forensicator Podcast featuring Sean Morrissey, CEO of Katana Forensics & Brad Robin, Marketing Director, available on Sound Cloud.