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Apple iPhone “Significant Locations”

Apple iPhone “Significant Locations” I recently attended a conference of civil litigators in Virginia.  During the cocktail hour and after a very interactive CLE presentation on “Leveraging Data in Insurance Fraud Investigations”, I was talking with a few attendees about…

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Cellular GPS Evidence: Waze + Cellebrite + CellHawk

It’s becoming common knowledge that location evidence on cellular devices can provide a wealth of evidence in any number of civil, criminal and investigative matters.  Law enforcement agencies use cellular location evidence from service providers to help place a criminal…

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Case Study: Call Detail Records Analysis in Civil Domestic Litigation

Case Study: Call Detail Records Analysis in Civil Domestic Litigation The conventional wisdom with regard to cellular call detail record analysis is that it is a tool primarily used by law enforcement to help prove or disprove the location of…

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Digital Forensic Discussion: So You Fired An Associate

Every company at every level has had to perform the unenviable task of forcefully off-boarding an associate or employee.  Usually, this is initiated by management and executed by Human Resources.  Somewhere in this process, the associate is informed of the decision, sometimes…

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Sooner Rather Than Later… Please!

In the past few weeks, we’ve received a higher than average number of requests for digital forensic services on very short notice.  To some digital forensic practitioners, particularly in the public sector, this may seem almost unheard of, but when I…

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The Value of Expert Witness-Attorney Relationships

The term “expert witness” may get tossed around a little more than it should.  Since leaving law enforcement, I can attest to the fact that I’ve seen so-called “experts” of all shapes and sizes.  Some are very professional and knowledgeable and some…

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