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Apple iPhone “Significant Locations”

Apple iPhone “Significant Locations” I recently attended a conference of civil litigators in Virginia.  During the cocktail hour and after a very interactive CLE presentation on “Leveraging Data in Insurance Fraud Investigations”, I was talking with a few attendees about…

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Discussion: SCOTUS, Carpenter & Call Detail Records

On November 29, 2017, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will hear arguments in the case of Carpenter v. US.  At the heart of the arguments is whether or not the government (i.e., law enforcement) need a search warrant…

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Cellular GPS Evidence: Waze + Cellebrite + CellHawk

It’s becoming common knowledge that location evidence on cellular devices can provide a wealth of evidence in any number of civil, criminal and investigative matters.  Law enforcement agencies use cellular location evidence from service providers to help place a criminal…

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