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Patrick Siewert Pro Digital About Us

At Professional Digital Forensic (Pro Digital) Consulting, we will utilize years of training and experience to serve every client to the best of our ability by adhering to the forensic methodology, utilizing best practices & modern investigative techniques, constantly honing our training & skills to deliver superior service.

Above all, we will maintain the integrity of the evidence to identify the truth in all cases we handle and will maintain confidentiality in all investigations.   We will also incorporate the tradition of public service by offering training and consultation services to the private and public sectors to increase awareness and support the expansion of digital forensic science & capabilities.

With every incident or crime, evidence is left behind. Evidence left on digital media is no different than that left behind at physical crime scenes, only more specialized in the means to be recovered and analyzed.

  • 15 years law enforcement experience, 10+ years in digital forensics
  • Court-certified expert witness in Digital Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Cellular Records Analysis & Online Undercover Investigation
  • Adjunct Faculty in Digital Forensics at Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA)
  • Virginia Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Certified in mobile forensics/cellular forensic analysis
  • Certified in Cellular Provider Records Analysis & mapping
  • Specialized training in Mac computer forensics

Professional Digital Forensic (Pro Digital) Consulting was forged out of years of experience in electronic and internet-based criminal investigations and completion of industry-standard governmental & private sector training to provide superior results in all cases. Our Lead Forensic Examiner & Investigator, Patrick Siewert, is a law enforcement veteran of 15 years with dozens of high-tech investigations and digital forensic examinations completed to unprecedented results in the Commonwealth of Virginia, regionally and internationally. He has successfully completed training at the best governmental facilities who specialize in training law enforcement in the forensic methodology, with emphasis on the integrity of the forensic process. These facilities include the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), the National Computer Forensic Institute (NCFI) and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).  He is a court-certified expert witness in multiple areas and has helped investigate cases to successful conclusion in both the public and private sectors. For additional background highlights, please visit the Testimonials & Cases page and feel free to download a copy of Patrick Siewert’s curriculum vitae, linked at the top of this website.

We welcome your inquiries and referrals.  Please contact us here for a free & confidential consultation about the services we offer.

Precedent-setting work in public service (2000-2014)

Predator Year Book
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