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The Value of (the right) Key Word Searches

When I was a full-time police detective, I was fortunate enough to attend several very good, very long digital forensic training courses (see letters at end of name).  Unfortunately, what this also did was widen the gap between what I knew…

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What Social Media Activity Tells a Trained Forensic Examiner

For better or for worse, social media has become a driving force in many aspects of our lives.  It helps individuals stay in touch with friends, relatives, former classmates and other acquaintances.  It also helps business drive users to websites, advertise and…

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Five Tips for Effective Technical Warrant-Writing

Having worked in law enforcement at the level of investigator and forensic examiner and subsequently transitioning to a trainer/private practitioner role, I’m starting to gather the benefit of something many law enforcement (LE) agents may well overlook – diversity of…

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