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Pro Digital Forensic Consulting is a full-service forensic data acquisition, analysis, reporting & expert witness service in support of litigation and investigations at the governmental, corporate and private levels.  Pro Digital is fully licensed & insured and is a registered Private Investigative Agency in Virginia (DCJS # 11-14869).


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Mobile Device & Cell Record Analysis

Retrieval of artifacts such as text messaging, chats, pictures/video, location information, internet history & application data from mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets & GPS devices to help add value to your case.  We also analyze cellular call detail records in a holistic approach to the evidence.

Computer Forensic Analysis

Forensic data acquisition & analysis for computer hard drives and peripheral devices such as external hard drives & USB storage devices. Photos, email, documents and more all contain valuable data that can help settle the questions you may have in your case.

Forensic Data Collection & Preservation

The most critical step for corporations who suspect any internal issues such as intellectual property theft or misuse of official equipment is to secure the device(s) immediately when an incident is suspected & call us to preserve the data for analysis.

Specialized Investigations

As a Virginia Licensed Private Investigations agency, we offer specialized areas of investigation such as cellular call detail record analysis & mapping, technology & internet-facilitated investigations, open source & social media intelligence gathering and opposition research. (Virginia DCJS # 11-14869)