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Patrick Siewert

Patrick Siewert, Principal Consultant

A professional digital forensic company:  Plain & simple What do we mean by that?  There are many IT companies in the market who dabble in digital forensics.  At Pro Digital, we hone and refine our digital forensic offerings to better serve Counsel and their clients in a 360-degree litigation support approach.  We do this through extensive law enforcement experience & training in digital evidence acquisition, analysis, reporting and expert testimony to a professional level which no IT company can offer.  And when the evidence really matters at trial or other legal proceedings, we break the technical jargon down to simple concepts that all stake-holders in your case can easily understand.  Because the last thing you want when the outcome matters is confusion!

“My client and I hired Pro Digital Forensic Consulting to assist in a very technical case. Patrick was fantastic! We met several times prior to trial. Every time we met he was fully versed on the facts of the case and provided invaluable insight. He was able to take an extremely technical subject matter and filter the information down into simple and easy-to-understand terms and analogies. I highly recommend Pro Digital and certainly plan on using their services again in the future.”

Chuck Felmlee, Esq.

Criminal Defense Attorney & former Commonwealth’s Attorney

“My office has used state and federal resources to perform cellular call detail records analysis in several criminal cases.  But after using Pro Digital to conduct this analysis in a high-profile matter, I realized that they truly are the GOLD STANDARD for cellular records analysis!”

Commonwealth's Attorney (elected prosecutor) in Virginia

Hon. Thomas A. "Tom" Garrett

“Patrick Siewert is a smart, dedicated professional, whose diligent work allowed us to break numerous high-profile cases in Louisa County, throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond. I can unequivocally recommend Patrick Siewert and Pro Digital Forensic Consulting for all of your Digital Forensic needs. He is among the best I have ever worked with.”

Hon. Thomas A. "Tom" Garrett

Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives; Former Louisa Co. (VA) Commonwealth's Attorney (Chief Prosecutor), Former Member, Virginia State Senate; Founding Partner, The Garrett Law Firm

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Pro Digital Forensic Consulting is a full-service forensic data acquisition, analysis, reporting & expert witness service in support of litigation and investigations at the governmental, corporate and private levels. Pro Digital is fully licensed & insured and is a registered Private Investigative Agency in Virginia (DCJS # 11-14869).

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